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A powerful series of algorithms

  • Management

    Your own management extends and becomes tailor-made, but remains industrialized.

  • B2B positioning

    The efficiency and comfort of your private managers are multiplied, and the quality of your service is enhanced and appreciated by your clients.

  • Digital Tools

    Fit perfectly into your digital tools (intranet, extranet, PMS etc...)

  • Facilitated compliance

    The portfolios are compliant, including for all variations and combinations of ESG preferences and all risk variations.

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Infinite client profiles and preferences

Addressing all of a client's objectives and preferences within the constraints of management and compliance is as complex as solving a Rubik's Cube.

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There are no black boxes or magical strategies the essence lies in personalization

Technology does not replace humans, even with the addition of AI. It makes their work more interesting (finance, business relationship) and lightens the burden of constraints.

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Untangling the choices to be made

PrimeRadiant assists advisors and clients in untangling the choices to be made, regardless of the client's number of specificities, and then adhering to the overall guidelines and constraints of the institution's management.


A perfect engine for ESG

Suitable for managing preferences now required by MIFID. Save hundreds of K€ on the implementation of your SRI compliance.

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A pragmatic construction

Who does not claim to replace managers or advisors, or change the processes and operating principles of your home; simply make the service more individualized, and lighten the load for you.

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An unmatched team

Decades of combined experience in complex mathematics, financial research, AI, technology, and digital development.

They trust us

Tool demonstration?

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